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NW’s Return Event (5/11/2020)

Salutations, Night Warriors!

Today we logged onto Blizzard, Club Penguin Rewritten for our return event. While things didn’t go as planned, we were able to last about 15 or so minutes! I see this as a win.

Max: 6

Average: 5


Promotions May 11th

Thank you all for attending Night Warriors’s revival event!

As promised, everyone who attended our event will be promoted.

Comment below in this post to earn your promotion!

  1. What is your CPRewritten username?
  2. What is your Discord username/tag?
  3. Did you attend the event and do tactics?
  4. What is your current rank in the NW?

Note: This does not count for people Major and above!

Ranks Page: https://thenightwarriorscp.wordpress.com/ranks/

~ Dino, NW Commander